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For more than 20 years, we have developed the Plastic scintillating fibers.

1985 We started to produce the Plastic scintillating fibers.
1994 KLOE project @INFN(Italy)
1997 HERAB project @DESY(Germany)
D0 project @FNAL(U.S.A.)
1998 ATLAS project @CERN(Switzerland)
1999 COSMOS project @FNAL(U.S.A.)
CMS project @CERN(Switzerland)
2000 MINOS project @FNAL(U.S.A.)
2001 LHCB project @CERN(Switzerland)
2002 OPERA project @CERN(Switzerland)
2009 We were delighted to receive a testimonial from J-PARK*.
GlueX project @JNAL(U.S.A.)
NOvA project @FNAL(U.S.A.)
2013 The Higgs Boson was discovered by ATLAS and CMS @CERN. Our fibers contributed to this discovery which was awarded the Nobel Prize.

*J-PARK is a joint-venture founded by KEK and JAEA.